3 Tips for Finding a Towing Service Near Champlin MN

Help! Your car is broken down or stuck in a ditch near Champlin, Minnesota. You need a reliable towing service, stat! Especially if it happens during one of Minnesota’s frigid winters.

But how do you find a reputable company? Hang in there because we’re going to give you some great tips. First, though, we recommend that you follow these tips before you need a towing service near Champlin. Things will go so much smoother and quicker for you if you already have a good company’s number programmed into your phone.

Check out these three tips for finding a tow truck in Champlin.

1. Ask Around for Recommendations

People get stuck on the side of the road all the time. If you live or work in Champlin, chances are you know someone who has been in this situation at least once. Ask about their experience with the company they chose and if they would recommend them — or not. Also, find out why. Sometimes people have silly reasons for not liking a company.

If all your friends have cars that never break down, try checking online reviews. About 91% of consumers say they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations — as long as the reviews seem legit and especially if several of them back each other up. So make sure you do your due diligence. 

2. Check Their License and Insurance

The towing industry in Minnesota is not strictly regulated, licenses and certifications are not required by the state. However, here at Nicety Towing, we have earned certain certifications to go above and beyond for our customers.

After all, you may be calling a stranger to come to help you on a deserted road after dark. You want to know they are somebody you can trust.

Additionally, tow truck companies must have the appropriate insurance. If your vehicle is damaged while in their possession, they will be liable for damages. If they don’t have the appropriate coverage, you could get stuck with the cost of repairs.

3. Price Transparency

It isn’t always a good idea to choose the cheapest company simply because they are the cheapest. Sometimes they look cheap because they tack on a bunch of hidden fees after the fact that you weren’t expecting. They may also offer a lower price because they’ve skimped on the requirements in point #2, allowing them to reduce their operating costs. 

Instead, carefully review their pricing and cost information and watch for honesty and transparency. Keep an eye out for hidden fee alerts when you’re looking at the company’s reviews as well.

The Best Towing Service Near Champlin

Follow these three tips and you’ll be sure to find a great towing service near Champlin. Don’t forget to do your homework now and save the number in your phone before you end up in a tight spot. We’ll give you a hand. Here’s our number (763)245-2619 to mark down. Here at Nicety Towing, we strive to offer the best service to all our clients near Champlin, Minnesota!

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