Towing From the Side of the Road

Accident towing

After an accident or technical incident that leaves your car stuck on the road, you need to keep your safety in mind as the top priority and arrange to get off of the road. While you may not want to leave your car, you can improve your chances of recovering it easily by being prepared for such an incident. You’ll either be able to arrange private towing services or find it more quickly after traffic safety arranges a tow for it. Here at Nicety Towing, we can help you no matter the situation you find yourself in. 

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What Happens to My Car?

A car on the side of the interstate may be a serious hazard. Whether you had an accident or ran out of gas, state troopers are likely to immediately call for a tow if they see your vehicle on the highway. The busier parts of these roads typically carry signs notifying drivers of immediate towing rules. In the absence of a sign, you may have 24 to 48 hours to recover your car. However, it ultimately comes down to the discretion of highway patrol and whether they judge your car to be a hazard or not. One way to minimize this risk is to move your car clear of the fog line if possible: if a car crosses the fog line, it will be judged as a hazard. 

In this event, Nicety Towing can still help you. Your car will end up in an impound lot, but we have connections among the local towing companies. Even if another company receives the job to tow your car, we can call around and hopefully find out what impound lot your car is in. But you may be able to avoid this eventuality by calling in for a tow and leaving a note saying that you’ve already arranged for the car to be taken care of. Informing state troopers of your intentions, even after leaving the car will help them judge your situation more generously. 

Accident Towing Near Me

As we said earlier, put your safety first when your car breaks down on the freeway and worry about impound bills second. If there was an accident, then call 911 first or otherwise get yourself to safety. Once you have taken care of that, call Nicety Towing for our urgent towing services.

A good tow company is busy more often than not, so you should call and book your tow as soon as you need it. We offer online payment as well. If you reach us via our phone number at 763-245-2619 and send your email address, then we’ll send a link where you can pay online. Towing services are taxed in Minnesota, but there are no hidden fees on our tow rates. Once your payment clears, we’ll unload your car and invite you to pick it up.

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