Wheel-Lift Towing or Car Towing

When you need a towing service, you want it fast and efficient — there’s no time for waiting. But there are several types to choose from. You could, of course, order a big flatbed and have the car physically lifted onto it. But that may not be the best method of getting your car to where it needs to go. Wheel-lift towing offers a cheaper option that’s suitable for many vehicles.

Benefits of Wheel-Lift Towing

A wheel lift simply picks up the drive wheels of the vehicle and pulls it behind the vehicle. This typically involves two C-shaped holes joined by a bar. The wheels go into the C-shaped holes, the truck lifts them up and you’re ready to go. The non-drive wheels stay on the road.

In a front-wheel-drive vehicle, it’s the front wheels that go in. In a rear-wheel-drive vehicle, the rear wheels go in.

Wrecked Vehicles

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Wrecked vehicles can be towed if the wheels are not especially misaligned. However, if the wheels are unable to turn, it is possible to insert a dolly underneath the vehicle to provide an additional set of wheels. This does depend on the vehicle being reasonably sound, and there may be some instances where the vehicle is too wrecked to tow in this manner. In that instance, a vehicle wrecker service would require a flatbed towing service.

What About Four-Wheel or All-Wheel-Drive Vehicles?

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All-wheel drive vehicles are not suitable for wheel-lift towing unless we use our special towing dollies that will lift up your second pair of wheels.  The reason for this is that you can wreck the powertrain, especially in automatic vehicles.

Stress-free affordable option

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With a variety of options available, our wheel-lift towing service ensures your vehicle gets where it needs to go. We offer a no-stress experience, keeping your vehicle damage-free, following industry standards. With our wheel-lift towing service one thing is paramount: your peace of mind.

Other Services

Flatbed Towing

Get cars or non-conventional vehicles transported safely with Nicety Towing Flatbed Towing services. This local flatbed towing service is ideal for all-wheel-drive cars, half-ton trucks, and three-wheelers, as well as motorcycles. The flatbed method and use of top-tier tools ensure damage-free, safe, and efficient transportation, particularly useful if some wheels are not running.


Classic, Sport or Show Car Towing

Ensure your prized automobile gets the specialty treatment it deserves with Nicety Towing’s towing service for sport, classic, exotic and show cars. Never leave it up to chance or hope for the best when it comes to towing your vehicle. We’re the experts you can put your trust into when it comes to towing specialty cars.  


3/4 Ton Truck Towing

Owners of bigger light trucks like the Ford Super Duty F-250, Ram 2500, Chevrolet Silverado 2500, GMC Sierra 2500, or Ram Promaster 2500/3500 want special attention to when considering light truck towing or pickup truck towing as these motors can get easily damaged if not transported or lifted properly.


Motorcycle Towing

Enjoy a stress-free towing experience with Nicety Motorcycle Towing. Your bike is a top priority when you entrust it to the experts at Nicety Towing. Whether your motorcycle has a dead battery or a flat tire, you can find peace of mind in choosing the right towing service that meets all of your needs.


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